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Agora Project



Providing the way

Agora Hospitals aims to provide an independent platform for institutions to discover an innovative way to hire, find the perfect candidate for your requeriments, and stay up to date on the market job changes to help you boost your revenue and professional development. We provide a fast and cheap way to hire the workforce that you need, attending to your requirements and needs all the time, offering you high-quality professional support in the most effective way.

We provide, that's what we do.


The way to hire is rapidly changing. The challenges in the marketplace call us to share ideas, speak up, and be active in restoring the place where our healthcare system needs to be.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To facilitate healthcare institutions in recruiting highly qualified talent efficiently and effectively, through innovative tools that optimize the selection process and promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Image by Drew Beamer

Our Vision

To transform the way healthcare institutions find and hire talent, offering a comprehensive platform that simplifies the recruitment process, fosters collaboration, and ensures the suitability of professionals to meet the future healthcare needs.

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